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Come along for the ride...

We hope you'll take a moment to get to know this mother-daughter duo, and to learn why seeing life through a lens has brought them so much joy. Please meet Nancy Szostak Wright and Kayleigh J. Wright of Wrightpix Photo Gifts.

Nancy's first love was a Pentax K-1000 that she received as a college graduation gift from her mother. "Looking back, the camera wasn’t really the gift. It was the passion that was ignited, the spark of euphoria that I felt when I was taking pictures. All the smiles I’ve captured, the miles of film (yes, film!), the millions of megabytes, the bins of negatives, the 40 family photo albums, the workshops and photo adventures… they are a constant source of accomplishment and amazement."

Kayleigh's love for photography began when she was about 12 years old, "my mom challenged me to a 'Best Shots' photo competition. The judge was my Dad and my photo actually won." She has always enjoyed capturing the seemingly small moments that make her happy, and like her mom, she is drawn to nature, animals, architecture, and candids.

When they're not behind the lens, Kayleigh's focus is on school, as well as playing lacrosse goalie and French horn at Stonehill College. She also enjoys going on adventures with her friends and capturing the world around them. In her spare time, Nancy volunteers on the education committee for Westborough Community Land Trust, as a photographer at the Sterling Animal Shelter, a team photographer for Stonehill Women’s Lacrosse, and as co-founder of the Purse Project in Westborough, which is an ongoing venture with the Westborough Public Library. Not only do they put a lot of love into each photo and gift item, they put a lot of love into their communities.

"Whatever is going on in your world, I hope you’ll come along for the wrightpix ride. I hope you’ll feel what we felt every time we pushed that shutter-release button. Because when we look through that viewfinder, when we hear that clicking noise after we capture what we think is a keeper, we get that “happy place” euphoria feeling. I hope that when you view our photos and gift items, you not only see what we saw, but you feel something. That your heart does a happy dance." (Nancy Szostak Wright)

We hope you'll take the Wrightpix ride as well! Stop by their booth (#4), at Arts In Common's 10th Anniversary, on October 5th, 2019 from 11-5pm. Below is a sneak peak of their newly released 2020 desktop calendars; to see more of their work, visit their new website here. We're looking forward to sharing the day with you!

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