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Westborough, MA native is better at 'doing life' when she feeds her passion.

Westborough Native, Meg White (WHS graduate, class of 2000), likes “to get my hands dirty and make pretty things.” She first learned to throw pottery as a student at Westborough High School where she fell in love with the wheel, and even won some pottery awards! In 2009, Meg and her husband (also a WHS graduate), decided to raise their family in Westborough, and in 2013 Meg began selling her one of a kind pieces out of her home studio in Westborough, MA.

With two kids and a full time job, Meg doesn’t have a lot of time, but knows “I'm better at 'doing life' when I find time to feed my passion... so I make time to make pottery.” Meg treasures her time on the wheel and thinks “it’s kind of cool to be living, raising my family, and making pottery in the town where I'm from and where I learned the art.”

We think it’s pretty cool too! If you’re not familiar with her work, please visit her website and Instagram page, and stop by her booth (#18), at Arts In Common on October 5th, 2019 from 11-5pm!

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