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What’s a women to do when they’re begging for more?

Meet Trish Kozub of iDazz Custom Designs!

Trish Kozub started making jewelry as a hobby, and often wore her jewelry when visiting with friends and family. Soon Trish was giving away her creations as gifts. And when they begged for more and offered to pay, what's a woman to do? Well, start her own business of course!

Trish's formal venture into the world of custom, handcrafted beaded jewelry with a vintage flair began in early Fall 2000 (only then it was called Beadazzled). With nothing more than her hands, iDazz grew by word of mouth and ever-increasing home parties all over greater Boston. As customers moved to other parts of the country, they brought Tricia's jewelry with them. iDazz creations were moving to Tampa, Chicago, Cincinnati, Salt Lake, San Francisco and countless other communities. People were calling Trish saying, "I want what 'she' has!” Which is not surprising, as her work is fun and exciting!

What started as a little pastime, has now grown to a business with a large online presence and participation in about 100 shows a year. “What sets my designs apart is that I only use the finest of gemstones and pearls and many times combine them with gorgeous, curated vintage items.”

Trish has been a vendor at Arts In Common many times, and has loads of customers in the Westborough/Hopkinton area. If this is your first time meeting Trish she is a fun, kind soul, who always has a smile on her face, supports battered women at Serenity House, and “feels blessed to do what I love.” Her work is fun, high quality, sassy, spunky, and affordable. We are thrilled to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with iDazz and hope to see you on October 5th from

11-5pm at Bay State Commons in Westborough, MA!

To learn more about Trish and see her work visit here.

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