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Arts In Common Mural Contest 2019

Arts in Common is celebrating its 10th year this fall on Oct. 5, 2019! We are planning to make a community mural during the festival. The mural will be 4x8 feet in size and made with recycled plastic bottle caps. It will be displayed to the public somewhere in the downtown area (location TBD).

The Arts in Common Committee is looking for Westborough High School or Middle School students to submit designs for the mural.


  • Theme: Celebration of the Arts

  • Designs must be in color drawing or painting medium on paper.

  • The format must be horizontal and must be 12” x 24” in order to fit the format of the mural.

  • Please consider the size and materials that will be used (bottle caps) when you creating your design. Fine details will not be possible.

  • All designs must be submitted by Aug. 1, 2019. Designs can be dropped off at Westborough Town Hall or David French Music during regular business hours.

  • Winning entry will be judged by the originality of the design and must follow above criteria.

  • The winner will create a paint sketch of their design on plywood at a time TBD before the AIC festival on Oct. 5th. They will get help from a trained artist for this part of the project.

  • The winner will receive an Arts In Common T-Shirt and free publicity through the Arts In Common website and other marketing.

Please include name, email and telephone contact with your submission.

Good luck! We can't wait to see YOUR design!

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