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The Art of Giving

Arts organizations are known for pushing the boundaries of creativity, and we're looking for Sponsors that feel the same way.

With your support, Arts In Common (a fundraiser for the Westborough Cultural Council), will become a destination festival, will support more arts based programming in Westborough, and so much more, which means  more for you too!  

We're offering our sponsors increased exposure and coverage through marketing , including

social media, press releases and high impact visibility. We expect to draw regional interest with a goal of 2,000+ people while keeping true to our mission. Arts In Common, sponsored by the Westborough Cultural Council, brings together people from all over Massachusetts to experience and celebrate creativity in all forms of artistic medium and expression such as the visual arts, culinary arts, music and more. Using the universal language of art to ignite creative expression in children an adults alike.  


Sponsorship is the ultimate Art of Giving.  When you give to the Arts, you connect, support and inspire many. Your local community. Your region. Your business. Your employees. Yourself.  

  1. Arts promote true prosperity.

  2. Arts unify communites.

  3. Arts strengthen the economy.

  4. Arts are good for local merchants.

  5. Arts drive tourism.

  6. Art communities help recruit talent.

  7. Arts contribute to quality of life.

  8. Arts have a social impact.

  9. Arts improve healthcare.

  10. Arts mean business. 


Top 10 Reasons


Sponsor the Arts


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